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ONE system for ALL requirements
ONE system for ALL requirements
If you change brand or model, simply replace the connection cable.
Self portraits   Time exposures
Self portraits   Time exposures
With the DCCS, everyone is kept in the picture. Simply set up the camera, press the self-timer and enjoy your new self-portrait
  In order to take good pictures at night, the camera shutter must remain open longer than in daylight. Depending on the desired effect and available light, this can take between a few seconds and a couple of minutes.
Continuous shooting   Motion sensor remote release
Continuous shooting   Motion sensor remote release
The timer function offers demanding photographers the option of creating fascinating photo documentaries. If the pauses between the individual shots are short enough and the subject is photographed over a long period, then the photos can be combined into a high-definition video.

  Depending on the subject being photographed, it can take years of experience, lightning reflexes or a great deal of patience to capture a timid fox striding through the woods, an athlete crossing the finish line at the end of a 100 m sprint, or the erratic movements of a flying bat with a manual release. Here the infrared motion sensor can help even beginners take fascinating photographs.
  Options using the DCCS
  005200 Kabelfernauslöser - DCCS Fernauslöser 005201 Timerfernauslöser - DCCS Fernauslöser 005203 IR-Lichtschranke - DCCS Fernauslöser
  Wired Remote Release

Timer Remote Release

Motion Sensor Remote Release

release button
(autofocus, release)
no no no
Time exposure
no no no
Continuous shooting yes no no
Delayed shutter
yes no
4 seconds
shutter release
yes no
free timing
Motion sensor yes yes no
Release distance 30" + 16 ft
30" + 16 ft extension photo sensor
ca 16 ft
remote control
ca 16 ft
  Overview of functions
The Digital Camera Connecting System (DCCS) is the first multi-component system from Hama. The camera models can be released via cable, timer or infrared motion sensor. This makes it very easy to take time exposures, self-portraits, continuous shots and many other types of photograph. The main advantage is that the camera can be positioned on a tripod or any other stable surface and does not need to be touched for the shutter to be released, making blurred pictures a thing of the past. The remote release can be combined in modules: the control unit itself is the base. For all popular camera models that have a remote control, there is a specific connection cable, which is separately available.

The highlight is that if you ever replace your camera with a newer model, or if you use several cameras, only the cable has to be exchanged.
To connect to your Camera, you need one of the following cables:
Connection cable for all
Hama "DCCSystem Base" shutter releases
Colour: Black
Length Cable: 26"
Model: Remote Release
Hama 005204
Hama 005204, equivalent to RS60 E3
 + Shipping
Hama 005205
Hama 005205, equivalent to RS-80 N3
 + Shipping
Hama 005206
Hama 005206, equivalent to MC 30
 + Shipping
Hama 005207
Hama 005207, equivalent to MC-DC1
 + Shipping
Hama 005208
Hama 005208, equivalent to MC-DC2
 + Shipping
Hama 005209
Hama 005209, equivalent to
 + Shipping
Hama 005210
Hama 005210, equivalent to RM-UC 1
 + Shipping
Hama 005211
Hama005211, equivalent to
DMW-RS1/Leica CR-DC1
 + Shipping

Get snap happy with this Remote adapter, allowing the connection of your cameras to the Hama Remote Control Release System so you can capture flawless professional images at up to a range of 2ft - or up to 18ft with extension cable 005215.
Ideal for observing from a distance e.g. with animals to achieve a superior quality finish for shake-free long-exposures. The high quality adapter is quick and easy to connect and will ensure that you have a secure connection to allow you to always be ready to capture that last minute fantastic image.

A great addition to any photography kit!
Last update: 06/17/2023
  Connection Cables
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